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Ranking the three Japanese movies that have been made about the murder of Junko Furuta (1995, 1997, 2004) – English Review

I’m going to rank the three Japanese movies that have been made about the Junko Furuta case.

I’ve seen three Japanese movies about what happened to Junko Furuta. There may have been made more movies that I don’t know about, but then you have to search hard and long to find them. The Indians have made a movie called Junko from 2019 I think, but it’s not a movie I count as a Junko Furuta movie, as the Indians can easily make their own movies about disturbing sex crimes. The movie they have made is just nonsense and nauseating. There’s no reason for them to make a movie about Junko Furuta. Grow up! Those of you who made that movie should be ashamed of yourselves! Someone should put a finger up your butthole and twist the finger around, but I’m not going to do it! But with your poor taste in movie making, you probably would have enjoyed it!

I can say that none of these movies are worth watching. One of them is one of the most disgusting and insulting movies I have ever seen, and we can start with that shit movie first.

The movies are ranked from the worst to the best.

3. Juvenile Crime aka Schoolgirl in Cement (1997)

This is the worst and most distasteful movie. This is a soft-core porn movie that focuses on rapes and sex. It takes a long time before Junko Furuta shows up, and it doesn’t feel like it’s Junko Furuta we are following. We are following a soft-core porn actress. The movie shows us how evil the people who killed Junko Furuta were. It becomes repetitive and unengaging to see several rapes and little focus on what happened to Junko Furuta. This movie is pure shit and disgraceful!

2. Concrete-Encased High School Murder Case (1995)

This is also a shitty movie with a tiny budget. But even if the movie is bad, it focuses at least on Junko Furuta and her 40 days in hell. But it’s a low-budget movie with terrible actors. And if you have seen Concrete (2004), they feel very similar, only that Concrete (2004) is a better movie.

1. Concrete (2004)

This is the best movie, but that doesn’t say much. It has the biggest budget it seems, but it’s not fun to see an arm holding a microphone in a scene if I remember correctly. Although the actors are mostly rubbish, the movie tells the story of Junko Furuta in a more adult way. But it’s still a terrible movie that’s more annoying than interesting.

None of these three movies are good. Two of the movies feel the same, while Juvenile Crime is a pile of garbage from top to bottom. It’s a movie that spits on Junko Furuta and her horrible fate.

It’s difficult to make a good and serious movie based on this case. But one thing I think is interesting, and that some good movie directors with honor could focus on, would be to follow the family of Junko Furuta and everyone who knew where Junko Furuta was without telling the police. Several people in the neighborhood knew where Junko Furuta was, and so much went wrong in this case. It’s not only the bastards who killed Junko Furuta who should have been put behind bars, but also several of those who knew about it. I don’t know if they sentenced any of those who knew where Junko Furuta was to prison, but I hope they were! How can these people live with themselves?

And it would have been interesting to follow the trial and what happened during and after the trial. What happened to Junko Furuta is important to never forget. But it seems that the Japanese want to sweep the Junko Furuta case under a rug. Of course, many people are ashamed. But one can learn from this case, and one should never forget the name, Junko Furuta!

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