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DreadOut (2019) – English Review

A mixture of The Evil Dead and Fatal Frame.

A group of teenagers wants more followers on social media. They decide to take a trip to a large apartment building where no one lives anymore. A strange incident happened in one of the apartments, and they have to check out the apartment so they can get more followers. They are young, dumb, and full of cum, and they open a gate to another dimension where a woman in red is waiting for them.

Kimo Stamboel has directed the movie. He’s one part of the Mo brothers. I’ve become a fan of the Mo brothers, although I’m not a big fan of the May the Devil Take You movies.

DreadOut is based on a game I haven’t heard of until now. But I bought the game after watching the movie. I liked the movie and especially the mystery surrounding the woman in red. She’s scary and intense! I loved this character!

The movie has great special effects, and the girl who plays the protagonist is good. But there are some actors here who are terrible. I’m especially thinking of two of the boys who I think play the wrong roles? Their role interpretations belong to easily frightened female characters and not male characters. Act like real men, you sissies!

Several of the actors have also attended the same breathing school as Kristen Stewart. Their reaction when the shit hits the fan is so bad and irritating. The characters have little personality, so you don’t care about them.

But the good thing is that the movie looks visually great. The special effects are great, and I liked the demons in the movie. Especially the mysterious woman in red. It’s so fun when the protagonist visits her world.

The protagonist finds out that she can stop the demons when she takes pictures and uses the flash from her smartphone. This could remind me of the concept of the wonderful and scary video games series, Fatal Frame also known as Project Zero. I love those games!

If you mix The Evil Dead, and Fatal Frame, we get a movie called DreadOut. I don’t want to say that the movie is scary. It’s more playful and energetic, with some intense scenes. It feels very similar to a playful Evil Dead movie.

Rating: 6/10

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