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The 9th Precinct (2019) – English Review

A policeman who can see ghosts begins to work for a secret agency where others have the same abilities as himself. This agency is primarily trying to help ghosts who haven’t found peace after they died. He becomes acquainted with a female journalist who tries to find her friend who has disappeared without a trace. And it turns out that there is an evil woman behind her disappearance. Now they must stop her because she is so evil!

The 9th Precinct is a Taiwanese movie that could remind me of 2002 (2001, Hong Kong) and The Frighteners. It’s just that The 9th Precinct feels like a cheap TV episode. The movie never manages to engage with its weak script. The movie has some interesting characters, but the main villain is poorly written and the rest of the characters aren’t that much better!

There are several central characters in the movie, but they are never explored enough. The characters are mostly empty cardboard characters. And as I mentioned, the main villain is weak. Yes, we understand that she is evil because the cross she’s wearing is upside down. What a script you guys!

Check out 2002 (Hong Kong movie from 2001) and The Frighteners instead of this crap. Those are two good and playful movies that for the most part do things right. The 9th Precinct is just a lousy and cheap attempt to follow the same formula as those two movies, but the script stinks! The only thing that saves the movie is two pretty ladies that you can rest your eyes on.

Rating: 3/10

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