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Krasue: Inhuman Kiss (2019) – English Review

A young woman has a problem. Every night, her head leaves her body and she hunts for meat. She has become a Krasue. Then one day some head hunters show up in the village and tell the villagers that they have been told that there is a Krasue in the small village. They say they are going to help the village get rid of this flying head. But is she really doing so much wrong?

Thais love to mix horror and romance. I’ve seen some of these movies over the years, but most of them aren’t much to brag about.

Krasue: Inhuman Kiss is a type of movie that I felt was getting better and better after about an hour. In the first hour, not much happens. The movie builds up the few characters it has. And here you find the first problem. The characters in the movie are not very well written. They are very simple, and I wasn’t so impressed with the actor who plays the young woman in the movie. She doesn’t have that much charisma. But the actor who plays the character she falls in love with is good, so he has to carry much of the movie when its time for emotional scenes. But the actors don’t get much to work with. The universe is small, and the action takes place only in the small village. And the romantic love triangle have we seen many times before in other movies.

What grabbed my attention was the romantic story. You hope that the young woman will find a cure and that she will live happily ever after with her new boyfriend. But it’s not easy when the curse turns her into a flying head every night. And when an evil head hunter shows up, things don’t get any easier for the lovers.

When it comes to the villain in the movie he destroys most of the scenes he’s in. The reason is bad acting. The actor who plays the villain should have been replaced. He has two awful scenes that took me completely out of the movie! That was some bad acting!

For the most part, the CGI is good. But there is one particular scene towards the end of the movie where a character stands in a boat that looks so bad. It seems the boat is three times smaller than the actor. I was just waiting for the boat to sink because it looks like there is a giant in the boat! What the hell were they thinking? Did they all forget their glasses that day?

I liked the movie because it has a wonderful ending that I recognize from other Thai movies in the same genre. Oddly enough, I was surprised, because the ending is pretty brutal. And when I didn’t think it could get any worse, Krasue: Inhuman Kiss punches you hard in the face and knocks you out! And the brutal ending made me go from a 6 to a 7 because I liked that ending so much!

If you are of the impatient type, then I don’t think Krasue: Inhuman Kiss is a movie for you. The first hour is pretty boring, plus the characters in the movie aren’t that interesting. They are half-empty characters. But I did feel some cinematic magic in the last hour with several beautiful scenes and an enchanting love story that I loved because of the fantastic ending and a crazy story with a flying head! I would also recommend Spring (2014). It’s a better movie than Krasue: Inhuman Kiss, and they have a lot of similarities where a man falls for a woman who has a big secret. What he doesn’t know is that she’s a monster in disguise!

Rating: 7/10

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