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Erotic Ghost Story II (1991) – English Review

The sex demon from the first movie is back. Now he is furious and horny! And he has possessed the body of Anthony Wong!

The first movie was rubbish. It was a boring movie where almost nothing of interest happened, and the sex scenes were tame.

Erotic Ghost Story II is a better movie than the first movie. It’s much more creative, but it’s also a bit boring. We get to at least see some fun and partly creative sex scenes. The big highlight is when Anthony Wong has sex with a woman who is divided into two parts. And I laughed a lot when a man has sex with a pig. Ah, I’m so kinky!

As for Anthony Wong, he is terrible in the role of the sex demon. The scenes where he’s angry are brutal to watch. It’s not charming, because it’s Anthony Wong we see, and you know he’s an excellent actor. But he is disgustingly bad in Erotic Ghost Story II, with his ugly wig and makeup.

And there are several scenes in the movie where time stands still. The plot takes a rest several times, and you notice that the movie should have had a runtime of around 1 hour. I was just waiting for the movie to end. It takes too many unnecessary breaks where the camera rests too long on the central characters. And the camera also rests too long on the face of Anthony Wong, who makes ugly facial expressions all the time. This is just nonsense!

Erotic Ghost Story II has a bigger budget than the first movie. If you were disappointed with the tame sex scenes in the first movie, I’m sure you will like the sex scenes in the sequel. There’s a lot of sex in this sequel, in fact too much. It’s only towards the end of the movie that it gets wilder.

As you know, I’m not watching these movies to watch ordinary sex scenes! I have to see something that’s wild, and we see that when Anthony Wong has sex with a woman. Her body is divided into two parts, and he enjoys himself with her lower part of her body! Rock on, Anthony! This is a sick scene, and I love it! Rock on!

Rating: 3/10

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