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Line Walker (2016) – English Review

The police are trying to stop a drug ring, and an old mole they thought was dead shows up again. Now the police are trying to find out who the mole is and whether he is still on their side. Continue reading “Line Walker (2016) – English Review”

Rewatch: Sex and Zen (1991) – English Review

A scholar who’s about to get married has a big and a small problem. He can’t get enough of women, and he wants to enjoy life even if he’s married. Will the women he meets be enough, and what will happen to his marriage? Continue reading “Rewatch: Sex and Zen (1991) – English Review”

Naked Soldier (2012): Movie commentary and movie review in English

This is a movie commentary and movie review of Naked Soldier (2012). Continue reading “Naked Soldier (2012): Movie commentary and movie review in English”

Yes, Madam (1985) – English Review

Some bad guys want a microfilm that some thieves have in their possession. And on their tails, we find two cops who are women. One of them rocks some ugly yellow socks, and she has been too much out in the sun. The other one has bought her clothes in Germany, and she should spend more time out in the sun. Continue reading “Yes, Madam (1985) – English Review”