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Coming Soon: Pathaan (2023) | India | Crazy action movie

India needs a hero to take down a terrorist organization that is planning several attacks in India. The hero’s name is Pathaan, and he’s a madman! Continue reading “Coming Soon: Pathaan (2023) | India | Crazy action movie”

Enter the Fat Dragon (2020) – English Review

Donnie Yen tries to be Sammo Hung, but he’s cheating! Continue reading “Enter the Fat Dragon (2020) – English Review”

Raging Fire (2021) – English Review

A group of former cops is wreaking havoc in the city and there is just one man who can stop them. His name is Chuck Norris! Except, this Chuck Norris doesn’t have any beard. Continue reading “Raging Fire (2021) – English Review”

Chasing the Dragon (2017) – English Review

A gangster and a cop work together to make big money, but how long will they be in paradise? Continue reading “Chasing the Dragon (2017) – English Review”

Tiger Cage (1988)

tiger cage

En politimann filmer en annen korrupt politimann når han er i sammen med noen skikkelige skurker. Dette videobeviset setter både ham selv og andre uheldige personer rundt ham i livsfare. Han kan ikke stole på sine kolleger, for det finnes også noen råtne epler som har litt for stor makt. Continue reading “Tiger Cage (1988)”