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Raging Fire (2021) – English Review

A group of former cops is wreaking havoc in the city and there is just one man who can stop them. His name is Chuck Norris! Except, this Chuck Norris doesn’t have any beard. Continue reading “Raging Fire (2021) – English Review”

The White Storm (2013) – English Review

the white storm

A group of policemen from Hong Kong travel over to Thailand to arrest a powerful and very dangerous drug lord with bad hair. Things go wrong during the mission, and the former friends cannot stand to be in each other’s presence. After five years, an old friend shows up in Hong Kong, and then all hell breaks loose.
Continue reading “The White Storm (2013) – English Review”

SPL 2: A Time for Consequences (2015)

spl 2 a time for consequences

En fengselsvakt i Thailand har en datter som snart vil dø hvis hun ikke får et nytt organ. En politimann fra Hong Kong som også er narkoman, er en ny fange i det samme fengselet og han vil bare hjem igjen. På samme tidspunkt finner man også en farlig mann som trenger et nytt organ han også, og hans bror er den eneste som kan redde hans liv. Hvem vil dø, og hvem vil leve? Continue reading “SPL 2: A Time for Consequences (2015)”