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Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy (2019) – English Review

The police are trying to track down a terrorist organization that kidnaps children and trains them to work for them so they can do evil things. Many of these work in the police force and a female hacker is the key that can give the police the list of names of the moles that work for the terrorist organization. But she’s in grave danger. And three central policemen believe that one of them works for the terrorist organization. But who is it? Continue reading “Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy (2019) – English Review”

Line Walker (2016) – English Review

The police are trying to stop a drug ring, and an old mole they thought was dead shows up again. Now the police are trying to find out who the mole is and whether he is still on their side. Continue reading “Line Walker (2016) – English Review”

Dynasty Warriors (2021) – English Review

Three warriors who are blood brothers try to remove a powerful man they helped when he was about to lose the battle against his enemies. Now they must get help from other powerful warriors to get him removed from his position! Continue reading “Dynasty Warriors (2021) – English Review”

A Witness out of the Blue (2019) – English Review

A man is found killed, and there is a witness to the murder. The problem is that the witness is a parrot! Continue reading “A Witness out of the Blue (2019) – English Review”

Z Storm (2014) – English Review

z storm

We follow an independent organization working on corruption cases. There‘s a possibility they have to stop a trade between the government and a hedge fund. And now they are trying to find proof that this is a dirty hedge fund before they sign the deal. Continue reading “Z Storm (2014) – English Review”

The White Storm (2013) – English Review

the white storm

A group of policemen from Hong Kong travel over to Thailand to arrest a powerful and very dangerous drug lord with bad hair. Things go wrong during the mission, and the former friends cannot stand to be in each other’s presence. After five years, an old friend shows up in Hong Kong, and then all hell breaks loose.
Continue reading “The White Storm (2013) – English Review”

Three (2016)

En kriminell mann blir innlagt på sykehuset med en kule i hodet. Politiet overvåker ham, for de venter bare på at noen av hans venner skal komme og redde ham. Men det er noe som ikke helt stemmer her, for det virker som om politifolkene skjuler noe. Continue reading “Three (2016)”