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A Witness out of the Blue (2019) – English Review

A man is found killed, and there is a witness to the murder. The problem is that the witness is a parrot!

Finally, Louis Koo is back again. It’s been so long since we last saw him! Not! He delivers again a fantastic role interpretation where he plays the same role as he has done since the start of his career. The man has many layers as an actor! Not!

A Witness Out of the Blue is a mediocre movie that tries to be a little charming, but many people get killed in the movie. The police are chasing a man they believe is behind multiple killings, but a cop is uncertain if this man is the devil himself or if there’s something else going on that they don’t see.

If you peel away the layers, the movie is quite dark with a protagonist who’s struggling to sleep and he begins to hallucinate. His mind is playing tricks on him, and he moves into an apartment with several old people and a woman who has problems with her eyes. She needs surgery, and where is Chow Yun Fat when she needs a hero? She’s stuck with Louis Koo! What a letdown!

There’s too much strange genre-mixing here that doesn’t work. Had this been a quieter movie that had explored the central characters better and removed the romantic nonsense and old, silly people, this would probably have been a better movie.

But the story gets too chaotic and silly when we first know what’s going on. It’s a movie that has a few sympathetic characters, the rest is a bunch of self-absorbed assholes. You notice that the movie needed a better director who had more control over the story. This is a movie that has too many balls in the air, and which fails to engage properly with its characters and inappropriate genre mixing.

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