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My Girlfriend is a Serial Killer aka Love and Murder of Sheep and Wolf (2019) – English Review

A depressed young man who wants to die falls in love with his neighbor. But she’s not like other girls, because she’s a serial killer! Is this a relationship that will last, or will she kill him?

My Girlfriend is a Serial Killer aka Love and Murder of Sheep and Wolf, is based on a manga, something you notice. The characters we follow feel like comic characters. They don’t behave like normal people. And when I heard the voice of Haruka Fukuhara, I got vomiting sensations. I hate these female anime voices. It’s getting too perverted in my ears! It feels completely wrong! Same as the female men in the manga and anime series. What’s happening? Where the hell are the real Vikings in this world? What is this shit?

My Girlfriend is a Serial Killer is a charming and strange movie. It has a big problem, and that is that it never explains the rules of this universe. It never tells us what is really going on. Who are the people who clean up after the serial killer has killed her victim? What kind of relationship does the serial killer have with the leader? What is really going on? Does she kill bad people like Dexter? In my eyes, it doesn’t seem so!

I thought she was a hitman early in the movie. I never got the feeling she was a real serial killer. So the movie is terrible at explaining the rules, and who the characters are, and where they come from. So I reckon that those who have read the manga will understand more and that there is more backstory in the manga? Because in this movie there is no help to be had.

Although the serial killer kills several people here, this is not a graphic movie with graphic death scenes. Most of what you see is CGI blood, which looks very fake. This is a romantic comedy without graphic death scenes. So now you know that!

The universe is small, but the movie is charming. It’s a type of movie that leaves behind too many questions, and I didn’t like the ending either. The serial killer is like a vampire where she has a slave in the man who is in love with her. So this is a movie for younger people who are looking to be charmed by a silly and unreal love story.

Rating: 6/10

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