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Jallikattu (2019) – English Review

A village is terrorized by a buffalo that destroys crops and other things in the village. The authorities are not helping, so now the villagers have to take matters into their own hands. But that’s not a wise choice, because they will lose the human in themselves.

This was a fun and strange movie about angry men who eventually forget that they are humans. The movie doesn’t focus so much on character depth. There are two characters here who hate each other, and this goes back many years. That’s it, but you don’t care about any of the characters in the movie.

The movie is a study on angry and frustrated men who are angry at the world. The buffalo is the smallest problem here. It’s the angry people who are the biggest and most dangerous threat. So I guess the director tries to say something about angry humans, and how frustrating life can be for many people when the government does nothing to help ordinary people. They have the right to be angry! And since life is so hard for the villagers, they have to think about themselves. And when a buffalo destroys their crops and property, and the government does nothing to help them, their anger takes over. The result is that they lose their human and rational side.

Imagine that the villagers are in a field with dry grass, and a small spark will destroy what they have built up. There is so much pent-up anger and frustration in this movie. This will not end well!

The cinematography is beautiful. This is a visually beautiful movie, especially when we follow the villagers at night. And there are so many of them. This is where the movie brought out my smile when hundreds of angry men were running down the hill. It felt like I was watching 28 Days Later, and I love that movie!

The score and the wonderful clock rhythm are also fantastic. The clock is ticking down, or backward, before it all goes to hell. I also love the flow and editing, and the movie is short with a runtime of around 90 minutes.

Jallikattu is an interesting movie that stands out from the crowd. It’s not a movie with deep and talkative characters that tell us about their inner feelings. They end up as wild cavemen who forget who they are and what year they are in. And the insane ending is something you just have to see for yourself. It’s so fun and crazy! The ending is epic!

Rating: 8/10

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