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Bring Me Home (2019) – English Review

A woman is still searching for her son, who disappeared without a trace several years ago. She has never given up hope of finding him. Then one day, she receives a tip that he might be in a tiny village near the coast.

Run, just run, I say! This is a terrible movie that does everything wrong. Bring Me Home is a very dark movie that punches you hard in the face all the time. The mother who’s searching for her son is an idiot. And the villains in the movie, which there are very many of, are cartoon characters. They are so damn evil all the time! Welcome to South Korea!

The small fishing village that the protagonist visits is hell on earth. Only cruel people lives there, and they have in their custody some children who aren’t theirs.

The village is protected by a corrupt cop, and it turns out that there’s also a wanted rapist living in this village who raped and killed a woman. And he enjoys spending time with young boys. And the boy who may be the protagonist’s son is constantly beaten, something the rapist brags about. Yes, someone hit him so hard that liquid came out of his ears, and now he has hearing problems. And tonight I will have fun with him, he says. And the boy is chained up when he’s not working. He’s a slave worker during the day. So he lives a perfectly fine life! All is well in this village!

This is a stupid movie that doesn’t feel realistic at all. I hated everything I saw. I didn’t feel sympathy for the mother who’s searching for her son as she’s so stupid and doesn’t use the brain that she has received as a gift from someone. And the bad guys can’t get any worse. They have no trace of humanity in them. Everything is just black and white in Bring Me Home. There’s no middle ground.

Bring Me Home should on paper be a movie that should be able to engage with its story. But the way the characters are written is a big joke. They are brain dead, the entire gang. And so is the script! Never watch this movie!

Rating: 1/10

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