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The Anchor (2022) – English Review

A serious anchor.

A stuck-up news anchor who is cold and selfish gets a call from a woman who tells her a man killed her kid and he’s coming to kill her. The stuck-up news anchor finds their home, and they are indeed dead. This leads her to a psychiatrist who has had patients who have died mysteriously. Is she on to something, or is there something else going on?

Anchor is a waste of time where we follow a stuck-up news anchor who is cold and uninteresting as a character. It’s a type of character you will hate and find boring. She doesn’t have any redeeming qualities as a human being. She lives with her husband, but they are not on speaking terms, and her mother is a dominating, old hag.

The Anchor has one thing going for it, which is that you will keep guessing what’s going on with the protagonist. It took me around 40 minutes before I understood what was going on with the protagonist. But something had to happen, so she opened up, and we see the story unfold from there.

There is nothing new or interesting about Anchor as a crime thriller. The characters are boring as hell, and the script and the way the movie tells the story aren’t the best. It gives you an overdose of what you have seen in other movies and multiplies it with three.

The actors are as dead and grey as the characters they portray. The story is pretty stupid, and the last 20 minutes are tedious. This isn’t a movie you should watch if you like good crime thrillers with interesting characters. The characters are so cold in the worst South Korean style. And they can crate unsympathetic characters you will hate. That is their specialty.

Rating: 3/10

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