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The Piper (2015) – English Review

A man with his young son arrives in a small village that is plagued by rats. He makes a deal with the villagers that if he gets rid of the rats, they will pay him. And he needs the money because his son is ill. But when it’s time to pay the man after the work is done, they refuse to pay him. Now he will play some sour notes to teach them a lesson that they don’t fuck with a man with a flute! Continue reading “The Piper (2015) – English Review”

Coming Soon: Unlocked (2023) | South Korea | The terror lives in your phone

A woman loses her smartphone, and a young man finds it, and he installs some spyware on her phone to spy on her. He delivers the phone back to her, and it turns out that this is a dangerous, sick, young man. Continue reading “Coming Soon: Unlocked (2023) | South Korea | The terror lives in your phone”

The Wailing (2016)

Det foregår merkelige ting i en liten landsby. Folk blir gale og de dreper sine nærmeste. Vi følger en politimann som forsøker å løse gåten når hans datter begynner å oppføre seg rart. Hun har begynt å få utslett på kroppen som også de andre hadde før det klikket helt for dem. Continue reading “The Wailing (2016)”