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Coming Soon: Unlocked (2023) | South Korea | The terror lives in your phone

A woman loses her smartphone, and a young man finds it, and he installs some spyware on her phone to spy on her. He delivers the phone back to her, and it turns out that this is a dangerous, sick, young man.

I’m not sure about this, but I believe this movie is based on a Japanese novel released in 2017, and Hideo Nakata made a movie the year after in the year of 2018, named Stolen Identity, which also got a sequel. I have never watched that movie since Hideo Nakata makes so many awful movies that I don’t respect him anymore. The movie wasn’t well-received by the audience, so maybe the South Koreans can make a better movie.

It doesn’t seem that bad from what we see in the trailer, but it was supposed to be a cinema release, and then Netflix bought the rights to it. And yeah, that can be a warning sign right there. And Unlocked is also directed by a first-time director, so just remember that. That’s a minus.
The protagonist is played by Chun Woo-hee. She is a solid actor who has had many roles in great movies like Thread of Lies (2014), Han Gong-ju (2014), and The Wailing (2017), to name a few. So that is a big plus. She is great!

The creepy guy, who I guess is a serial killer, is played by a pop star. Yuck! His name is Im Si-wan, and I have seen him in some movies, but I don’t remember him so he can’t be that good. I hate invisible actors who you never notice. It’s better to be a terrible actor than to be an invisible actor.

The trailer looks decent, and thrillers like Unlocked are what you can call a South Korean specialty. They make a lot of these thrillers, and unfortunately, many of them are very generic and predictable. But this one looks like it can have some potential.

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