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Holy Spider (2022) – English Review

A serial killer is killing prostitutes in Iran. A woman who is a journalist investigates the case since the authorities don’t seem to care about the victims.

Holy Spider is based on a true story that happened between 2000-2001. There was a serial killer on the loose who picked up prostitutes and killed them because of his religious belief.

So we follow the serial killer and his family. He seems like a normal man, but that is just on the outside. He is not interested in having sex with the prostitutes or partying with them and doing heavy drugs. He just wants to kill them and get rid of the filth. The authorities do nothing to catch him, it seems. The journalist comes into the picture when she tries to lure the serial killer out of his hiding place. And that is not difficult since he is a party crasher and he loves to strangle prostitutes. He is so cool and righteous, this man! He will not allow parties or prostitutes in his city! He represents the common people. Yeah, right!

Holy Spider is a well-acted and interesting movie. It’s not a movie for everyone, but I know that Justin, yes I’m talking to you, will love one of the earlier scenes, with the prostitute and a man. Yes, he is a dirty man, this Justin guy. And I, the pervert guy, is not eating any sausages for a while!

Where was I? Yes, this is not a movie for everyone as it is a slow burner. It focuses a lot on how people and society react when the serial killer is caught by the police. He is a hero to them, and the prostitutes are worth nothing in their eyes. They are not human at all. So these are simple-minded people that should be ashamed of themselves. The same goes for his sick family. I hope his son will have sex with a prostitute and catch some, yeah. You know what I’m talking about. Suffer, young, sick boy! Suffer!

The most interesting part of the movie is when we don’t know if the serial killer is hallucinating. There are several scenes that can be a little tricky to figure out, which makes the ending more suspenseful. What will happen to the serial killer?

Rating: 7/10

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