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Coming Soon: Marerittet (2022) aka Nightmare | Norway |

Crazy or not?

So I’m going to make some videos about upcoming movies I’m looking forward to. This is not a review.

The first one is Marerittet aka Nightmare, a Norwegian psychological horror movie that will be released in February in Norway. It has already been screened at some film festivals. This is a psychological horror movie, and sometimes Norwegian filmmakers can make some good psychological horror movies. Let’s hope that Marerittet is one of them.

A couple moves into their new home. But Mona, played by Eili Harboe, is plagued by nightmares, and she is a sleepwalker. When one of her neighbors die, it just gets worse for Mona. What is going on with Mona? It is not easy to be a woman, you know!

The movie is directed by a first-time director, Kjersti Helen Rasmussen. She has also written the script.

In the lead roles, we find, Eili Harboe, who you should recognize from the excellent Thelma. She was great in that movie, and I’m pretty certain she will impress again in this movie.

Her boyfriend is played by, Herman Tømmeraas, who is also an actor it’s worth keeping an eye on. He is mostly known for the popular TV series, Skam, and Ragnarok. I haven’t watched Skam, but he was great in Ragnarok.

The trailer looks promising with a lot of tension and atmosphere that I love. You sense that this can be a good one. I guess it’s gonna be a movie about a woman who is controlled by her boyfriend and what is expected of her and such things, and that drives her a little bit crazy. Or maybe she isn’t crazy? Maybe she is pregnant?

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