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Coming Soon: Next Sohee (2023 | South Korea |

A cop has to investigate the suicide of a young woman who worked for a customer service center. It turns out that the working environment was poison, and this isn’t a place for a person with a pure soul. What dirt will she dig up?

Next Sohee will be released in cinemas in February.

This is the director’s second movie after the excellent A Girl at My Door (2014). That movie also starred Bae Doona, who plays a cop in Next Sohee. If you like heavy-drama movies, you really should watch that movie. So it has been almost 9 years since that movie, so this isn’t a director who’s in a hurry when making movies.

Next Sohee is loosely based on a case where a girl committed suicide, but I know nothing about that case, but I have watched a lot of these South Korean movies, so I know what is waiting for me.

Next Sohee is a movie that focuses on the working environment that many young people will experience in South Korea, and I guess the rest of the world. But this is a movie that concentrates on what is going on in South Korea, and I guess it will be a hard-hitting drama that will make your blood boil when the young woman is going through hell since it ended the way it ended. And that is just plain wrong!

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