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Project Wolf Hunting (2022) – English Review

Dangerous prisoners are onboard a cargo ship, and the destination is South Korea. They are chained up, and there are around twenty cops who are guarding them. But on the cargo ship, there is a dangerous secret. Welcome to Con Air, or maybe not. Welcome to Con Air meets Universal Soldier!

I have watched almost every movie Kim Hong-seon has made, and my conclusion is that he is a mediocre movie director. If you watch the movie trailer and read the plot synopsis, it’s easy to understand why Project Wolf Hunting got some traction since it offers a lot of violence and blood. The plot never takes a break, but what about the characters and the acting? Is it any good?

No! The script is empty, and so are the boring characters, and there are few actors here who shine. This is a boring movie with gray and dull characters, and the only character I liked, doesn’t get enough screen time.

So in the start, I thought this was going to be a fun Con Air clone, just onboard a cargo ship. But then you realize that the cops and prisoners have no souls. It’s more interesting watching paint dry than watching and listening to these fools! These aren’t characters like the cool and dangerous characters we follow in Con Air.

Some minor spoilers here, but on board the cargo ship, there’s a deadly secret that the evil Japanese created, and it’s a character that you will recognize if you have watched some of the Universal Soldiers movies. But he also feels like a mutant from a Resident Evil game. I liked the sound effects when he was running and moving fast, and he could also remind me of a Cenobite from the Hellraiser universe. He’s a killing machine, so who can stop him? Is there anyone else onboard that has secrets that can save the day? Is there?

The movie ends with a cliffhanger, and I hope we don’t get a sequel. But with my bad luck, I’m certain we will get one. I was not invested in the poorly-written characters, and even if the movie has a lot of violence and blood, I wasn’t smiling. And when the sleepy, creepy guy isn’t smiling when there’s a lot of violence on the screen, it means that the movie doesn’t offer any creativity that I haven’t experienced before. This movie isn’t worth watching with its dull characters and lack of imagination under the action scenes. The movie feels lifeless, and the cinematography is pretty ugly, to be honest.

Rating: 3/10

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