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Killers (2014) – English Review

Time to kill!

We follow two men who make contact over the internet. One lives in Japan, while the other lives in Indonesia. The Japanese man is struggling with the past, and he’s a brutal and sadistic serial killer. The Indonesian man is divorced, and he can’t handle that his ex-wife has found herself a new man. By coincidence, he kills two people, and when he puts out a video of the two persons he killed, the Japanese serial killer contacts him. The result is that the Indonesian man kills more people, but then things go wrong when he provokes a dangerous man with a lot of men around him.

Killers is a collaborative production between Japan and Indonesia. The movie is directed by Kimo Stam Boel and Timo Tjahjanto. They were behind a pretty good slasher movie called Macabre (2009).

This is a dark movie that feels very realistic with the violence it shows us. The movie dives deep inside the mind of the two serial killers. This is two men who are alone and sick in the brain, and it’s an interesting study of these two men we get to see.

The problem is that the runtime is just too long. You sit there and study the characters, and you see the violence being shown on the screen. The pace is slow, and you don’t care about the characters or their victims. It shouldn’t be that way. I need at least one character that I can care about in a movie.

Even towards the end, I didn’t feel something for the family of the Indonesian man. They are innocent. But we never get to know them. And when I don’t get to know the characters in a movie, people like me don’t care about what happens to them.

The violence is realistic. There are movies that are more graphic than Killers. But it feels real, and I’m sure that many viewers will turn their eyes away from the screen because it gets intense in some scenes.

If you like movies with a charismatic serial killer who plays with his victims, and a deranged Indonesian man, this dirty movie is worth checking out.

Rating: 7/10

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