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The Duel: I Saw the Devil (2010) vs The Chaser (2008) – English Review

Which movie is the best one?

Now we are going to find out which South Korean serial killer movie is the best. In the left corner, we find I Saw the Devil. In the right corner, we find The Chaser. Let the race begin and ring the bell!

Best story:

In I Saw the Devil, the handsome agent wants revenge after the serial killer killed his fiancee. What separates this movie from other serial killer movies is that the agent quickly finds the serial killer and he stalks him and prevents him from killing innocent people. The hunter becomes the hunted, which makes I Saw the Devil a weird and cool experience. In The Chaser, a pimp is trying to protect his sex workers since there’s a serial killer who kills sex workers. One of his sex workers is missing, and she’s a mother to a young girl that the pimp has to take care of while he’s trying to find the serial killer and the mother of the girl. The race is on, and what a race it is! Come on! The pimp has to drag around a young girl with him who wants her mom back. Even if I’m a hard man, you can’t beat that. And when the clock is ticking, The Chaser offers the most engaging and suspenseful experience since every second counts. The first point goes to The Chaser.

Best villain:

The villain in The Chaser feels more human and evil, while the villain in I Saw the Devil feels more like a cartoon villain. I hated the villain more in The Chaser since a young girl is in the picture, who didn’t irritate me. But the most interesting villain to follow is the villain in I Saw the Devil. He is allowed to do a lot more than the serial killer in The Chaser, but the serial killer in The Chaser is more creepy. One point goes to I Saw the Devil.

Best hero:

The hero in I Saw the Devil turns out to be a robot psycho, while the hero in The Chaser shows a more human side when he has to take care of the little girl while he searches for her mother. So The Chaser gets one point since the story is better, and you can relate more to this character than the psycho agent.

Best characters:

This is hard. I’m a big fan of all four actors in both movies, so I think I have to look a little deeper. The characters in I Saw the Devil feel more cartoonish and cold, while you feel there is something at stake in The Chaser. So the pimp, played by Kim Yoon-seok, is allowed to show more emotions when he tries to save the mother of the girl from a serial killer. But Choi Min-sik is so entertaining as the serial killer. He is so cruel, while Lee Byung-hun feels more like a robot as the agent who’s out for revenge. Lee Byung-hun is a fantastic actor, but he doesn’t get much to work with in this movie. Ha Jung-woo, who plays the serial killer in The Chaser, feels so evil, and I hated him. The Chaser also has the mother and her daughter, so I have to give one point to The Chaser since the character gallery is more complete.

Most graphic movie:

The Chaser doesn’t have many kills, but the violence is pretty brutal. It starts with a brutal scene when the serial killer is about to kill the mother of the girl, and the ending is fantastic. I Saw the Devil offers a lot more violence, and it’s more graphic. The violence feels a little cartoony, but it does its job. My favorite movie director Kim Jee-won is a master with the camera, and the taxi scene is a classic when the serial killer has to kill two people. So one point goes to I Saw the Devil.

Best ending:

The ending in I Saw the Devil is pretty good, but not as good as the ending in The Chaser. The ending in The Chaser is just in another league that will get an emotional reaction out of you. I can’t say more than that if you haven’t watched the movie. But that ending is an ending that I will always remember. So The Chaser gets one point.

This was a close race. The Chaser got 4 points, while I Saw the Devil got 2 points. Both of these movies are great, but The Chaser has more heart, and it’s more suspenseful since the pimp must find something important for the little girl who is her mother. There’s something at stake here, while I Saw the Devil is a pure revenge movie that focuses more on graphic violence. It doesn’t have the suspense and excellent pacing that The Chaser has. But you should watch both of these movies if you like quality movies that Hollywood can’t replicate.

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