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Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes (2020) – English Review

Time to win the lottery?

A man discovers that he can talk to himself two minutes into the future. And when other people find out his secret, it escalates, and the situation becomes more complicated. He’s also in love with a woman, and maybe he can take advantage of this situation.

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes is a charming Japanese movie about playing with time. The movie was shot in one take, and it’s a low-budget movie.

The plot takes place inside a building, and the characters never leave this building. So there’s not much going on except for the talking and discussions. How can they use the two minutes to their advantage? Maybe win the lottery?

If you don’t like Japanese overacting and stage plays, then this isn’t a movie for you. I never felt like I watched a movie, movie. It felt like I was watching a stage play. The actors are loud when they are talking, and their body language doesn’t feel natural. You know you are watching a sort of stage play with the way they are acting, and I’m not the biggest fan of that.

The characters feel a little bland. They could have been written better with more depth. There’s not one character that stands out. Most of them are goofy.

With a bigger budget and more convincing actors, this could have been a solid entertainment movie. It’s a fun movie, but it could have been better.

Rating: 6/10

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