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Juvenile Crime aka Schoolgirl in Cement (1997) – English Review

The story of Junko Furuta and her 40 days in hell.

This is the third movie I’ve seen about Junko Furuta. And as far as I understand, they have made three Japanese movies about this incident. So I guess now I’m finally done because Juvenile Crime was a nauseating shit movie! But there is also a Indian movie about this case, and it looks like shit.

Juvenile Crime is the worst of the three movies I’ve seen about Junko Furuta. This is a kind of soft-core porn movie that shows lots of tits and many minutes of sex and rape. We follow the small group of violent teenagers who looks like grown-up men. They beat up their parents and the movie starts off with a rape where the woman seems to enjoy it! What is this shit?

It takes some time before Junko Furuta shows up. And then the movie focus on sex scenes and a smaller dose of torture where the so-called teenagers beat up Junko Furuta. It’s embarrassing to watch as they pretend to beat up their parents and Junko Furuta. They are hitting empty air!

Except for tits and a lot of penises they censored, this isn’t a graphic movie that shows us the damages the gang inflicted on Junko Furuta’s body. Because they didn’t have the budget for it!

With a runtime of around 77 minutes, the movie spends about 35 minutes on Junko Furuta and her 40 days in hell. The movie spends a few minutes on important things like when she tried to call the police and when she contacted her parents. There’s no kind of suspense here, and you don’t care about Junko Furuta at all. It doesn’t feel like it’s Junko Furuta we’re following. We are watching and follwing a soft-core porn actor!

The actors are rubbish. I laughed sometimes because it’s sickening to see how bad they are. And this is a movie that spits on Junko Furuta in terms of the plot and what they show in the movie. They have made the movie just to make money on using her name, nothing else. So beat up the director if you see him on the street and beat up the awful actors too!

Rating: 1/10

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