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Janowar (2021) – English Review

Five men break into a house when they think that those who live there have a lot of money. A mother and her three children live there. She has an 8-year-old son, a 12-year-old daughter and the oldest daughter is 16 years old. They will experience hell on earth that night.

This is a movie based on true events that took place in 2020 in Bangladesh. I have not heard of this case before I watched the movie, but I must say that I reacted to someone making a movie so early after what happened. You immediately get the feeling that someone is looking to earn some easy money. And that’s just completely wrong. But, the movie is emotionally touching, something I didn’t expect it to be.

Now I’m going to reveal what happened in reality, so I have warned you. The movie has a slight twist after around 50 minutes. You see that something is wrong here when the policeman talks to the mother and her two daughters. They have deep cuts in their throats. So I realized that something was wrong here, and suddenly we find out that the policeman who spoke to them is in shock and that all four in the family have been killed. And they also raped the mother and her two daughters before they killed them.

This is not an expensive movie. The runtime is also short, it’s around 77 minutes. It spends a long time introducing the family that will soon celebrate the youngest daughter’s birthday. The entire story takes place in their home, and when they are sleeping, five men break into their house and peace turns into hell for the family.

After raping the mother and her daughters, they end up killing the 8-year-old son who in the movie has autism. So these are sick people who only deserve one thing, and that is to die a slow and painful death! Luckily they were caught, but will they get the punishment they deserve? From what I have read, they are gamblers and drug addicts.

The actors are of mixed quality. The scenes that don’t work so well are when the policeman finds the mother and her two daughters. They are supposed to show fear and panic, but it doesn’t work so well. Some of the actors who play the perpetrators are not so good either. There is some questionable overacting here and there.

But Janowar is better than the movies about the murder of Junko Furuta. But the version I watched had some strange censorship when the characters cursed with tons of bleeping, and a text warning kept popping up when a person took a cigarette that smoking is harmful. It was annoying!

You probably understand that you will not get to see the rape scenes, which is just fine. You don’t see close-ups when the men cut the throats of the women and the boy, but you hear some nasty sounds. But these scenes get a bit destroyed by cheap blood squirts that must be computer-animated. It looks fake.

The best thing about the movie is the atmosphere it creates. It’s very good at times, and I loved the sad song that’s played. It’s beautiful and touching, and I was emotionally touched in the last minutes with the images that are shown on the screen when the song is played.

Janowar is a better movie than the movies about Junko Furuta. Those movies just made me angry, because they only focused on the violence and not Junko Furuta as a person. At that point, Janowar succeeds much more with its brutal story.

That said, the acting is a mixed bag. But the last 10 minutes is a hard and emotional experience, thanks to the wonderful song that is played and the atmosphere it creates. And I hope the human trash who did this will burn in hell forever! White devil Viking king out!

Rating: 5/10

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