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Character (2021) – English Review

The crazy manga reader.

A manga artist discovers a family that has been killed, and he creates a manga about the murders of a happy family of four. The problem is that the killer who killed the family turns out to be a fan of his manga, and he copies the murders from the manga. Now the manga artist must cooperate with the police so that they can catch the smelly nerd of a serial killer.

Character seems like an interesting movie about a crazy serial killer who stalks and copies the murders that the manga artist writes. But the movie has a lot of problems.

The biggest problem is the script that leaks. There are so many scenes and decisions that don’t make any sense. The police are incompetent, the manga artist is a useless, boring character, and his wife is anonymous. The characters lack character depth, and the serial killer is a joke. He’s like a weird nerd that kills happy families consisting of four members.

But this weak nerd wouldn’t have been able to kill that many people, especially the first family. He’s too weak, and there’s no way that you buy this nerd could kill so many without them resisting and fighting for their lives. Come on! And he shouldn’t be that hard to find with the smelly tracksuit he is wearing without washing it. You can smell this idiot from another country, but the police and public don’t find him suspicious. What the hell is wrong with this movie?

This is a mess of a movie with weak characters and it doesn’t fill in the blanks. It’s in a hurry, and with a runtime of 125 minutes, you expect to understand and come closer to the characters. But no, not in this movie. There are so many things in the movie that aren’t explained. The script is too lazy, and the characters are so boring and robotic.

Rating: 4/10

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