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The Witness (2018) – English Review


A cowardly man sees a woman being killed from his apartment window. But he‘s a coward who just stands there and watches, and he also hides in his apartment when the killer feels like someone is watching him. The coward isn’t a man. He’s not a woman, I’m not sure what he is! But he has no balls, that I’m certain of. The only thing he thinks about is his safety and the safety of his family, but he is probably most afraid for his own safety. But the serial killer is lurking around him all the time, even when the police are around and investigating the murder. Will he tell the police what he saw or will he keep his mouth shut?

The Witness is a silly movie with unsympathetic characters who only think of themselves and theirs. They are also afraid of the property prices when there has been a murder outside where they live. The movie tries to tell us that something is wrong in South Korea. That very many people only think about themselves and theirs, and especially money.

The police are as usual incompetent. Just look at what happens when an important incident happens and the police aren’t able to protect a witness! Is this supposed to be a joke? Because the script is so bad that they just have to do it this way to move the plot forward. And don’t tell me you bought this solution!

The serial killer is a character that has no personality at all. He doesn’t get much screen time. He’s just evil, and that’s all he is. He only says a few words. There is no mystery surrounding his character, he is just an evil loser.

I didn’t buy that the coward who witnessed the murder says nothing to the police. The serial killer is stalking him all the time, and the coward isn’t sure what to do. The point is, you want to see him die because the coward is also responsible for another woman dying. The guy is so pathetic, and you have to wonder what the filmmakers were thinking when they wrote the script and worked on all the stupid ideas you find here.

You will just get a headache of all the stupidity and clichés you find in The Witness. This is just a stupid movie. And you just get annoyed with everything and everyone.

Rating: 3/10

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