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Kil (2013) – English Review

Can love save him?

A depressed man who has tried to take his own life several times without succeeding visits a company that can help him die. But then he regrets this deal when he meets a cute woman which he falls for. He tries to cancel the deal, but they will not cancel his murder, so now he’s in big trouble!

Kil is a sweet romantic movie from Malaysia that’s very charming with two actors who create sparkling chemistry on the screen. The movie has some editing problems. There are several scenes here that just end without giving us some clear answers. It became very annoying because it ruins a lot of the pace and storytelling. The point is to create some mystery, but I was just annoyed by this editing!

The theme of the movie is depression and love. The protagonist is a lonely man who has a painful past. What happened in the past, the movie tells us towards the end. But it’s easy to guess.

It also seems he’s an introverted person. He has no friends. But suddenly he makes eye contact with a woman and then his heart, which is destroyed by sadness, starts beating again. But he has arranged his own murder, and the people who he has hired won’t cancel the contract. So it’s a bad time to die when he has fallen in love!

The chemistry between the two lead actors is very good, and I liked the story. I know little about the movie industry in Malaysia, but Kil can sometimes feel a little cheap and unfocused.

Even if the theme is depression, this is a movie that will warm your cold heart and not make you think too much.

Rating: 6/10

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