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All Night Long (1992) – English Review

Three people who don’t know each other are witnesses when a young woman is being stabbed and killed by a crazy man on the street. This creates a friendship, a friendship that smells of blood and death!

All Night Long surprised me positively. I’ve seen a movie made by the director of All Night Long, and it was the disgusting Juvenile Crime (1997), which focused on the Junko Furuta murder case. In that movie, he showed no talent. The only thing he showed was an immature man who has no honor or morals.

But with All Night Long, he has made an interesting movie about a friendship that is created around a brutal murder.

The movie spends a lot of time on romance. None of the three we follow have a girlfriend, but one of them gets a girlfriend. The biggest loser of them all is a nasty nerd who pukes if he gets too close to a woman. He’s nasty, and he has a face only a mother can love. And he has a face I want to punch! Punch hard!

Except for the murder of the young woman and the burning of a dog, All Night Long focuses on the young men and their pursuit to find a girl and love. But in the last half-hour, the movie turns into a hard revenge movie.

The friendship that was formed when they witnessed the murder ends up being their destiny as well. Violence breeds violence, and the frustration and madness that has grown in the minds of the young men can finally be unleashed when it’s time for revenge!

In terms of budget, the actors are decent. The soundtrack surprised me as well. It is very good! The music suits the atmosphere.

All Night Long is an interesting movie I didn’t hate. I expected the worst. I think there have been made around 6 movies in this series, so I look forward to checking the rest of them out.

Rating: 6/10

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