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Sex and Fury (1973) – English Review

Whip me!

A woman is out for revenge after someone killed her father when she was a young girl. Now she has found those who were behind the murder of her father, and they will get to taste boobs and blood! The double B! But the villains are well protected, so this won’t be an easy task!

Sex and Fury is one of the movies that inspired the Kill Bill movies. One can certainly see similarities here. This is a movie that focuses on sex and violence. The sex scenes doesn’t offer any surprises, in fact they are quite tame. But it’s fun to see a naked woman running around with a sword while she chops down the men. Blood, boobs and swords are what I will remember best from Sex and Fury.

The protagonist is charming. She is a deadly weapon, and even though she doesn’t have much personality, you hope she will get her sweet revenge when the villains in the movie are rotten people.

The actors are also surprisingly good. I didn’t expect that at all. In particular, Reiko Ike, is very good as the protagonist. She has a wonderful charisma, and a very flat ass.

There are other things going on here too with a white, female spy, played by Christina Lindberg. She’s is in love with a Japanese man who’s out to kill some of the same people as the protagonist. The only problem is that her boss is about to make a deal with one of the villains, so she stands in the way of her lover and the protagonist.

The white woman swings the whip many times in a sexy scene, and then I was in heaven! But I don’t think many had survived all those lashes! And the character that gets the pleasure of tasting the whip, who unfortunately wasn’t me, seems to forget the torture he or she was exposed to 10 minutes later or so. This is the big highlight of the movie, next to an early scene whe n the protagonist runs around naked with her flat ass and kills around 10-15 men.

You experience movie history when you watch Sex and Fury. It’s actually a pretty good movie that has its own identity.

Rating: 6/10

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