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Ebola Syndrome (1996) – English Review

Here, have some Ebola!

After killing three people, a crazy man flees to South Africa. There he starts working at a restaurant. He has been there for 10 years, but he suddenly turns into a crazy man again. He kills the owners of the restaurant, grinds them up, and serves the guests hamburgers made of human meat. The problem is that he got the Ebola virus after having sex with a woman, and now he’s on the run again. He decides to return to Hong Kong to spread some more ebola virus. Someone must stop the crazy man!

Anthony Wong has the lead role in this crazy Hong Kong movie that only they could make in their golden years of moviemaking. It’s not the best Hong Kong movie in the world to come out, but it has a lot of charm that I love.

There’s no way that you can take this movie seriously. It’s a stupid movie with a protagonist who’s a cartoon character. I was shocked by all the racism that came out of the mouth of some of the characters early in the movie. They say some nasty things! Especially, when they are in South Africa. The funny thing is that Anthony Wong is half white, so that makes it more absurd when he spews out racism.

The movie has some good gory scenes. I appreciated the scene with the toothpicks. That looks so painful! A bunch of toothpicks in the eye. Ouch!

The sex scenes are pretty bad. The protagonist is a horny man, and he loves to have sex all the time. But not all women feel the same. Anthony Wong must have some of the worst sex scenes in the world! He’s so bad in the more sleazy movies he has starred in.

The big highlight of the movie is the last 10 minutes when Anthony Wong runs around in the streets and spits on people. But then he has to top himself when he sucks blood from his bullet wound and spits blood on the civilians he meets. It’s so crazy, and again, this is made in Hong Kong and only in Hong Kong! Here, have some Ebola! No, it’s Ebola, not Deborah!

But the movie has a lot of dead time when the protagonist returns to Hong Kong. Those scenes kill a lot of the pace. We follow the police who are trying to find the protagonist, and it slows down the pace too much.

Ebola Syndrome is a movie for Hong Kong movie lovers who appreciate crazy and fun movies. It’s not a mean-spirited movie. It’s just a crazy and fun movie with a poor script and some pacing issues.

Rating: 6/10

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