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Verdens verste menneske (2021) aka The Worst Person in the World – English Review

We follow a woman over several years. She meets different men, and she’s trying to find a direction in her life.

Verdens verste menneske aka The Worst Person in the World is the third movie in the Oslo trilogy directed by Joachim Trier. The first movie was Reprise, followed by Oslo 31. August, and I guess The Worst Person in the World will be the third and last movie in his Oslo series.

My favorite movie in this trilogy is Reprise. In that movie the protagonist is heartbroken, and he tried to commit suicide. He was played by Anders Danielsen Lie. He also had the lead role in Oslo, 31. august. It didn’t end well for him in that movie. He’s back in The Worst Person in the World. He doesn’t have the lead role, but he steals the show again with his acting talent. He has especially one powerful scene when he drops the mic and walks off the stage. This is his best scene so far in his career. And remember, he’s a real doctor in real life. That’s impressive!

Of the three movies, I feel that The Worst Person in the World is the least audience-friendly movie. We follow a young woman who has a brain that works, sort of. But she never finishes what she has started, which creates problems for her career and relationships.

The movie is dialogue-driven, and there’s not much comedy here. It tries to blend in some comedy at the start. But in the end, we are watching a romantic drama movie.

The protagonist is played by Renate Reinsve. She has gotten a lot of praise for her role interpretation in this movie. She’s good, but she’s not great, and I had a hard time connecting with her character and the emotional chaos she tries to figure out. It’s a character that’s not that interesting to follow. I found the other characters more interesting, and they are more mature than her. She has so many problems inside her head, so in the end, I didn’t feel that she was a likable character. She creates chaos in her and others’ lives.

This movie has received a lot of praise, and the audience seems to love it. As I mentioned, I couldn’t empathize with the protagonist and her problems. She seems so immature, and her character is pretty bland. It’s some of the other characters that I found interesting, and they were more fun to follow than the protagonist that I didn’t like. So be prepared for a talkative movie experience.

Rating: 7/10

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