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Tokyo Revengers (2021) – English Review

The losers club.

A young man who’s a loser almost dies after someone pushes him onto the subway track. Then something strange happens. He can travel 10 years back in time, and he can save the girl he loves who has just died in the present. But his life was difficult when he was young, so he has to man up. Two gangs are rivals, and they hate each other. They fight all the time, and it gets more serious each time they fight. So he must try to join one of the gangs to stop the girl he loves from getting killed in the present. So he has to man up and stop being a loser.

Tokyo Revengers is based on a manga series that I’ve never heard of before now. I’m a big fan of the first Crows Zero movie directed by Takashi Miike. When I read the plot synopsis, I thought that this was a movie that could be as good as Crows Zero.

But oh boy, I was wrong! Tokyo Revengers is a movie that smells like estrogen and not testosterone. When two of the central characters show up as cosplay characters, I felt like crying. And there’s of course a lot of Japanese carrot tops in the movie. They all lack masculinity, and I wanted to throw up several times. They look so stupid and fake. I hate live-action movie adaptations that look like this with characters that don’t feel like normal people. They could have just made an animation movie instead of a live-action movie when they chose this stupid route.

The acting is atrocious, with a lot of screaming in the worst Japanese way. I love Japanese movies. But when the overacting and yelling takes over, it reminds me of why I hate Japanese movies sometimes too. It’s embarrassing to watch!

The fighting is boring. It can look a little brutal at times but compared to the fight choreography in Crows Zero the fight choreography is boring as hell.

It also annoyed me that the story never builds up the relationship between the boy and the girl he’s trying to save. They have maybe three scenes together, and the scenes they have together lack substance. So the point with the movie is the brotherhood and the homoerotic scenes with the protagonist and the two leaders of the gang he sort of joins. The two cosplay idiots.

Tokyo Revengers is a waste of time, and it’s a disgustingly horrible movie where there’s no sign of masculinity. And the ending is terrible. I hope there never will be a sequel to this ugly-looking, cheap movie! This is a movie that looks and feels so cheap. Yuck!

Rating: 2/10

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