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It’s a Summer Film! (2021) – English Review

Time to make a shitty movie!

Some students are going to make a samurai movie, but they don’t get much help with the project since there is another group at school that has the best equipment when making their movie. But a strange student from the future helps them make the samurai movie. But who is this guy? And why is he there? What does he know that they don’t know? Is he a creepy pervert?

I like silly Japanese school movies, and I have seen the most popular ones. But I was so disappointed with It’s a Summer Film.

This is a movie that tries too hard to be charming and whimsical. You have characters that have nicknames like Barefoot and Blue Hawaii. I wanted to puke several times because of the fake cozy feeling and atmosphere the movie tries to create.

But the script is bad. I thought it would be fun to follow these so-called loser characters who are trying to make a movie for the school festival. They are the B-team, and the spotlight never shines on them.

The characters are so dull, and I wasn’t a fan of their simple personality. It doesn’t feel like they have much personality at all. They are just living their dreams, and the protagonist falls in love with the boy from the future. But the dialog and the delivery are so unnatural, so you don’t believe in anything the movie tries to convey.

It’s a Summer Film is a movie with cartoon characters and stupid nicknames. You have the usual Japanese yelling and cheesy scenes. I’m getting tired after all these years of watching Japanese movies like this one that never change the formula. So skip this movie, and watch Waterboys (2001) and Summer Time Machine Blues (2005) instead.

Rating: 3/10

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