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Baby Assassins (2021) – English Review

Two girls who are assassins try to combine killing people and living a normal life as roommates and getting part-time jobs. But then they get the yakuza after them, but the stupid yakuza family doesn’t know who they are dealing with.

Baby Assassins is a low-budget Japanese action-comedy where we follow two girls who don’t have the right chemistry since they are different as persons. One of them is an introvert, while the other one is a complete psycho, but she can sort of interact with people. They have to live together, and the psycho tries to help the introvert get a job. But the introvert is hard to please.

The movie has few action scenes, and they are decent. The introvert fights like John Wick, while the psycho loves to use firearms. But there are just two longer action scenes in the whole movie. It starts with an action scene and it ends with an action scene. That’s all.

But since there are so few action scenes, the movie offers something between the action scenes. So what does it fill up the rest of the run time with? Charm and humor. But the movie isn’t that funny, but some characters are charming. So that saves the movie from drowning since the introvert is a boring character with a capital B! It’s like watching a dead girl who is taking her last breath for 90 minutes.

Baby Assassins has the cheap look that I hate, and some actors are pretty bad with their disgusting overacting. Especially, the actress who plays the daughter of the yakuza boss is awful! Her role interpretation is the reason many hate Japanese movies if they haven’t watched good Japanese movies. She will make the viewers turn off the movie with her acting. It’s disgraceful!

I wouldn’t recommend Baby Assassins. It’s a low-budget movie that has two decent action scenes and some charming characters. But some of the actors are brutal, and the story is weak as hell.

Rating: 4/10

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