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The Killer (2022) – English Review

A cold-stoned hitman.

A hitman has to babysit a 17-year-old girl. Yes, you heard right, a 17-year-old girl! His wife is going on a vacation trip with her friend who is the mother of the girl he is babysitting. But then someone kidnaps the girl, and the hitman must try to find her and kill a lot of bad people along the way.

If you like Taken with Liam Neeson, then this movie should be right down your alley. The hitman is a psycho. This is a man who loves to kill. He kills without hesitating, and he kills most people he meets. I loved this cold and brutal character when he turned up the heat and kills everyone. He must have killed 50-60 people in this movie, if not more. He takes his job seriously. No one is left alive!

By the way. The hitman is played by Jang Hyuk, who you should recognize from Windstruck (2004).

The story is weak. You are watching this movie for the action scenes and nothing else. The action choreography is decent enough, but remember, this is a South Korean action movie that I guess didn’t have the biggest budget. But as I said, the action scenes are decent, but this isn’t a movie you want to watch again if you have watched some of the best action movies in the last 10 years. There are not enough action highlights here to defend a rewatch.

The pace is mostly good, but there is a section here where the action scenes take a break that kills a lot of the pace. But before that section, the movie offers almost nonstop action. It’s when the characters try to interact with their sad stories that you are trying to find a barf bag.

The Killer offers a lot of action. The story and the characters are weak, so this is a movie for action lovers and nobody else. And the score is terrible! You hear an electric guitar that sounds like elevator music of some sort. It’s disgusting to listen to!

Rating: 6/10

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