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No Mercy for the Rude (2006) – English Review

The killer who only kills bad people.

An assassin who can’t talk has one goal in life, and that is to speak again. But he needs a large sum of money for an operation. He has a rule in his profession, and that’s to only kill bad people. He becomes acquainted with a woman and a young boy whom he takes care of. During a mission, things go wrong when he kills the wrong man. And he and his partner steal a suitcase that some gangsters want back.

I had heard little about this movie, but it positively surprised me. It doesn’t have the largest budget, so you won’t see any crazy or big action scenes. The violence is brutal and looks, mostly, realistic. The movie also has some funny scenes.

You must smile when the protagonist has to live with a woman of the same age and a young boy. They just move in, which is frustrating for an assassin who can’t speak when he’s having a bad day! The assassin we follow loves to use knives, so there are a lot of knife stabbings in the movie.

The assassin kills bad people, and he also has some friends who also are assassins and they are some strange dudes who all have unique skills. A cop is trying to track down the assassin, but it’s difficult to find him. The assassin and the woman he has met have weird chemistry. He constantly thinks back to a young girl he liked when he was a kid, and the woman has a bad past that haunts her. Oh, is there a connection here?

The funny thing is that Shin Ha-kyun, who plays the assassin in the movie, also played the deaf-mute Ryu in Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. He’s an actor it’s easy to like!

The movie also has some actors who are having a bad hair day. Two of the actors look like clowns, which makes the movie more charming.

No Mercy for the Rude has a good and even pace, and the movie never gets boring. The end scene is great, thanks to a fitting score. No Mercy for the Rude is, in my eyes, an underrated movie I feel many overlooked when it was released.

Rating: 7/10

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