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Friend Zone (2019) – English Review

A woman and a man have been friends for many years. Now the man wonders if he should open up and tell her he’s in love with her and take the next step. But the woman has found another man, so he is too late. But will there be another chance?

I see that I have seen the first movie directed by the director who has directed Friend Zone, a movie called SuckSeed (2011). It was a movie I didn’t like, and I don’t know if I will give it another chance. But I liked Friend Zone, it’s a movie that fell in taste.

Friend Zone is a story of two best friends, and it seems they will always be good and close friends. But the man wants to take the next step. He wants them to be a couple, but he’s a little late when the woman finds a man she loves. But she has one big problem, she doesn’t quite trust him. She suspects that he’s unfaithful.

This is a very charming and warm movie that also has some funny scenes. But for a romantic comedy to work, the actors must have good chemistry. And the two central actors have that important chemistry. In particular, I fell for the woman played by Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon. She’s very charming, and she’s also very good during the most emotional scenes.

I hoped that these two would be a couple. I especially felt sorry for the man who opens up too late. And I love the scenes he has with the other best friends who think they will always be best friends and nothing more. They are a sorry bunch of losers!

I became warm and happy after watching Friend Zone. This is a nice romantic comedy with wonderful actors who have good chemistry and an engaging story that many can relate to.

Rating: 8/10

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