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You Are the Apple of My Eye (2011) – English Review

I fuck you!

We follow a group of school students consisting mostly of boys who fall in love with the same girl in the class. The humor is very direct with masturbating at school, and the male protagonist walks around the house naked with his father. The mother doesn’t care that much, she’s used to it.

You Are the Apple of My Eye has received good reviews. I can understand why, but it’s not a perfect movie. It has several faults.

The problem with You Are the Apple of My Eye is that it never gets moving, and the humor isn’t good enough. It’s so in your face humor. It tries to be so charming all the time, but it doesn’t work. Not even the boy with chronic erection is charming. He makes you smile the first time, but after that, he’s used up as a character. Just let it out, man! Don’t hold it in you!

The story is sort of generic, and the chemistry between the two falling in love with each other isn’t there. The soundtrack isn’t good, and we need good romantic music and chemistry between the couple to make this work. This isn’t a new My Sassy Girl, the best romantic comedy movie of all time. You will hear that a lot from me!

You Are the Apple of My Eye is a polished movie that has nothing new to offer or say. But it doesn’t have the ending you expect it will have, so that’s a big plus! It tries to charm its viewers with smiles and laughter all the time, but it doesn’t last long. It gets too thin, and my brain didn’t quite care about how this would end for the couple.

Rating: 5/10

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