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Bullet Train (2022) – English Review

Several assassins are passengers on a bullet train, and you can guess what will happen during this journey, can’t you? Yes, they will try to kill each other. Who is the smartest one of them, and why are there so many assassins on the same train?

Finally, a crazy and charming action movie! I love silly movies like Bullet Train, which have a lot of fun with the characters. Brad Pitt is charming as the assassin who is followed by bad luck. It’s not possible to not like Brad Pitt in Bullet Train. I also love Aaron Taylor Johnson, who’s channeling Robert Carlyle. I have liked him since Nowhere Boy, but I didn’t recognize him at all in Bullet Train.

I didn’t check who the director was before I watched the movie. I thought it was Guy Ritchie after an hour. But it turned out that it wasn’t him. It was David Leitch, and I can’t say I’m his biggest fan. But since he was channeling Guy Ritchie so much, I was okay with the result.

The plot takes place on a bullet train, and there are several assassins on board that will cross paths since they are all passengers on the same train. The chemistry between the actors is great, and the action scenes are turned up gradually, and it just gets crazier and crazier. God, I love action movies like Bullet Train!

I didn’t expect Bullet Train to become one of my favorite movies in 2022. But I loved the characters, the setting, and the silliness when it was time for action and comedy. In the beginning, you don’t feel that this will be a dangerous journey for the characters. Since the characters are so charming, you expect that most of them will survive. I will not say more than that. Just enjoy the ride!

This is a solid action-comedy with a lot of violence and stylish action scenes combined with a fitting soundtrack. The dialog can be hit-and-miss, but you forget it when the movie finds the action rhythm. The comedy under the action scenes makes this an action-winner.

Rating: 9/10

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