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Okay Madam aka OK! Madam (2020) – English Review

A family wins a trip to Hawaii. They are looking forward to the trip, but they get a problem when a group of North Koreans hijacks the plane. They are searching for a defector, and it turns out that this person is on board the plane.

Okay Madam is a very cute and entertaining South Korean action-comedy that pushes the right buttons, especially with the warm atmosphere it creates. You never feel that the passengers are in grave danger, even if the villains are from North Korea.

The plot is very predictable. But the movie is saved because it’s so pleasant with some goofy characters that will charm you. And in fact, we get to see some pretty good choreographed fight scenes inside the cramped plane.

The protagonist is charming, and I loved the detail where she has had plastic surgery. She wasn’t entirely lucky with that operation. She was attractive before the operation, and now she looks like a burnt-out housewife. But she can fight, she’s a lethal weapon! I also liked the actress who played her daughter. She’s cute.

This is a great movie for the entire family. The villains are bad people, while the other characters are silly and charming. I didn’t have high expectations when I sat down to watch this movie, so I didn’t expect it to be as charming as it was. Sometimes you just need a nice action-comedy that doesn’t have the disgusting South Korean melodrama that suffocates many movies from this country.

Rating: 6/10

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