The Spy Gone North (2018) – English Review

A South Korean spy is trying to find out if the North Koreans have an active nuclear program that could threaten the safety of South Korea. So he tries to infiltrate the inner circle of the handsome Kim Jong-il.

The Spy Gone North is supposed to be partly based on true events. This is a well-acted movie about a South Korean spy who doesn’t have a lot of life outside of his job. He’s a spy, and that’s all. All he has to lose is his own life.

But he is a man of principles. And when he finds out that he is part of a dirty game, he shows backbone and stands for what he believes in. Though, it will ruin a lot for himself. But this is a character you like when he does what is right and what he believes in.

The interesting thing in this movie is that there is not that much difference between South Korea and North Korea. Both sides are corrupt, but it’s disappointing to see how the situation still is in South Korea in terms of corruption. Why are Koreans so corrupt?

We also get to meet Kim Jong-il. He is one ugly bastard in this movie. He looks like a dirty little pig. Just looking at him made me throw up in my mouth! He is fascinatingly ugly in The Spy Gone North.

This is an interesting movie with some suspenseful scenes. But don’t think this is an action movie. This is a dialogue-heavy movie where the protagonist sees a side of his country that he fights for which he doesn’t like. We never get rid of these corrupt and dirty politicians!

Rating: 7/10

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