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A Hard Day (2014) – English Review

A corrupt cop gets in trouble when he runs over and kills a person. Now he must first get rid of the corpse, but it’s easier said than done when everything goes wrong for the unfortunate policeman. When he first thinks it’s all over, an unknown man shows up and makes his life miserable.

A Hard Day is an entertaining South Korean movie with a twinkle in its eye. Things change along the way, it’s not just about the corpse that the policeman tries to hide. There’s something called karma, and he gets a visit from his bad karma!

This is not what you would call a realistic movie. A Hard Day is a popcorn movie that has a mission, and that is to entertain the viewers. The policeman gets a visit from a lovely character who makes his life more difficult, and that we like! That character is the Terminator in this universe.

Time never stands still in this movie. Something happens all the time. The only thing I missed was to care about the corrupt policeman, but the man is an asshole you don’t care about. So it’s funny to see this character suffer, and I can guarantee you he suffers a lot in this movie!

Are you looking for a movie with humor and great entertainment value, then you must check out A Hard Day.

Rating: 7/10

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