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Mourning Grave (2014) – English Review

A teenage boy that can see ghosts moves back to his hometown. He’s a kind person, so he helps ghosts that need his help. At the same time, he must try to stop a killing spree. It turns out that there’s a vindictive ghost that kills selected students in his class. Who is this evil ghost?

Mourning Grave is a movie that mixes a little warmth, charm, and romance. But don’t be mistaken, this is still a horror movie that is out to scare you when it feels it needs to. But at that point, Mourning Grave misses the mark. The movie isn’t scary. It keeps its head above water with the mystery surrounding the ghost that is out for blood.

What you find in this movie are school bullies that make life miserable for most of the students in the class. The school bullies have a secret, and that secret the protagonist tries to uncover. Simply put, the movie has nothing new to offer with the story it tells.

Towards the end, the drama kicks in. Only then as a viewer, you feel empathy with especially one character in the class. It’s always sad to see a person give up that way without taking up the fight against evil and sick people!

Beyond that, there is nothing new and exciting Mourning Grave has to offer as a movie. The characters are stereotypes, and I didn’t care about the characters in the movie. But Mourning Grave tries at least to mix in a little warmth so it doesn’t get too cold.

Rating: 5/10

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