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Detention (2019) – English Review

A girl wakes up at school. It’s dark, and she doesn’t know what’s going on. But this will be a dark journey for her.

Detention is based on a game of the same name that I have wanted to play for a long time, but I haven’t yet managed to do so. After watching the movie, the appetite is stronger than it was before.

Detention takes up a painful period in Taiwan’s history which they named White Terror. They were under martial law for 38 years!

We follow students and teachers at a school, and some of the students and teachers have started a secret book club where they read illegal books. They risk their lives, and it turns out that something went wrong.

When the movie starts, the girl is alone at school until she meets a classmate. They try to figure out what’s going on. Why is the school so worn and empty? Why do they feel that they are in grave danger? And what in God’s name is that strange monster creature? Has it not heard of Silent Hill?

I was pleasantly surprised by Detention. The story is very good. And even though the movie isn’t scary with cheap jump scares, it’s very, very dark! The tension and the creepy atmosphere is so good! It oozes death of the whole movie. And the movie doesn’t just create a dark and unsettling atmosphere, it also tells a great and engaging story! This was a bad and long period for Taiwan, and Detention tells us that perfectly with the images we see and the dark and tense atmosphere.

I was so frustrated by a character who is so self-absorbed and naive. This character is the reason that everything went wrong, and it didn’t take long before I realized who the whistleblower was. And it’s not possible to feel bad for this stupid character! This character is immature and a little crybaby!

Detention doesn’t feel like an expensive horror movie, but I was impressed by how much they managed to create here with a dark atmosphere and a story that manages to engage from start to finish. You can actually make good movies based on games, Detention is the proof of that!

Detention is a movie that also has something important to tell us and remind us of. This was a dark time for a nation, and I will always remember the movie for the good storytelling and the atmosphere.

Rating: 8/10

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