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Dead Kids (2019) – English Review

A small group of young men is going to kidnap someone they don’t like at school. He is a big douchebag, he is the school’s rich douchebag and he has a simple life. Now they are going to kidnap him and squeeze the family for money.

I haven’t seen so many Filipino movies. I think I’ve seen 3 or 4 movies. The ones I’ve seen have been good, but they were also movies I had handpicked myself.

Dead Kids starts by telling us that it’s based on true events, something I know nothing about. It addresses various topics such as love, poverty, wealth, kidnapping and bullying.

The movie spends a lot of time on what happens at school where the protagonist is in love with a girl, and it seems she also feels something for him. He is also a reserve in the school’s play. Of course, it’s the school’s douchebag that has been given the role, so the protagonist is his reserve. But the douchebag is also interested in the girl that the protagonist likes, and he has money, which the protagonist doesn’t have.

Then someone at the school contacts the protagonist, and this gang intends to kidnap the douchebag and then squeeze the family for money. And the protagonist says yes to join because he’s very poor and he needs money.

The movie is pleasant for about 60 minutes, but then it starts to change completely and the quality declines considerably. The runtime is just 94 minutes, and the pace is too fast in the last 20 minutes. It’s a shame when I liked many of the characters in the movie and I liked following them. The light and cheerful tone that the movie had in the first 60 minutes, disappears completely.

The script is not good enough. What seemed like a pretty cheerful and enjoyable movie in the first hour changes to the opposite. The movie becomes bloody serious. I didn’t like this transformation at all. It’s so stupid that the movie is mostly cheerful in the first 60 minutes and it has some comedic situations that make you feel that no one is in grave danger. Suddenly, the movie completely transforms into a new movie, and what the movie tries to tell us becomes so thin that you don’t care about the message and that life is unfair. What a bad ending! There is no depth at all, and what about the aftermath?

Rating: 4/10

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