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Heart Blackened (2017) – English Review

The police charge the daughter of a successful man of killing the father’s fiancé. Her father does everything to help her, and he has a trick up his sleeve.

This is a movie that tells us early that the father of the accused girl is a man who always escapes the long arm of the law. He’s a smart man, and he also behaves like a dangerous man who threatens persons to get his will. So it seems he’s willing to kill a person to get his daughter out of jail. That’s what the movie tells us, but is it the truth?

The movie spends a lot of time in the courtroom. And it seems like the prosecution should win this case easily. But in the background, the father of the accused girl is constantly working to help her. And you wonder if he’s behind the murder of his fiance.

The movie doesn’t give us much information about what happened that night, so we must guess a lot and come up with our own theories. But then I realized what was going on, and the surprise didn’t exactly blow my mind.

Choi Min-sik always delivers the goods, but he has so much more in him as an actor that’s held back when the script is not good enough for an actor like this.

And I didn’t like his daughter. They should have drowned her in a bucket at an early age! She’s so obnoxious!

Heart Blackened is a decent movie, but it doesn’t offer an emotional journey. The twist in the last 20 minutes should tell us a lot about who the father of the accused girl is, but I couldn’t quite care. I felt indifferent to the choices that were made. So Heart Blackened misses the mark a little with what it’s trying to do.

Rating: 6/10

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