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Hatching (2022) – English Review

What’s in the egg?

A young girl who lives with a dysfunctional family finds an egg after her mother killed a bird. After a short while, it hatches, and a strange creature starts living with her. Her family doesn’t know about their new family member. Every time the girl gets upset, the ugly creature hurts the animal or person which causes the young girl emotional distress. How will this end?

Hatching is a Finnish horror movie that has a lot of charm and an interesting story to tell. We follow the family and a man the mother has an affair with. The family consists of two young children and two adults. The mother pushes her daughter to compete in a gymnastics competition. The mother is a terrible human being. She cheats on her husband, and she’s a lifestyle blogger. May she and all lifestyle bloggers and their fake smiles and lives burn in hell!

The young girl cares about the ugly creature at the start. But when she discovers that it’s dangerous when she gets upset, she must try to control it. But that’s easier said than done. It represents her dark side that no one knows about.

This isn’t a scary or gory movie. It’s an interesting movie that has some tension in some scenes. The biggest monster in the movie isn’t the creature. The mother is the biggest monster. Remember, she’s a lifestyle blogger! May she burn in hell! The mother is a terrible person. She pretends everything is perfect. She smiles her fake smile, and she destroys the happiness a child should feel when they are young. The daughter is broken, but she doesn’t see it. The father just accepts that his wife is cheating on him, and he wears his sweater over his shoulders. He’s not a real man at all! Where are his sailor shoes?

You feel sorry for the daughter, and I wanted the creature to kill her family. I wanted especially to see the creature tear off the mother’s head! You understand early on that the creature represents the dark side of the protagonist. But I wasn’t sure if it was real, or if it was just an imagination. You see in several scenes that when the young girl is put under emotional stress, the creature wakes up, and something terrible will happen to the animal or person who has upset the protagonist.

I loved the ending. It was perfect, and I sort of expected it. So it didn’t come as a surprise, but I felt it just could end in one way. So I loved the ending.

This is a fun and playful movie that has something to tell us. Especially with the stupid lifestyle bloggers and the most useless people walking this earth today. I’m not talking about dead zombies. I’m talking about influencers. What a f-ing joke!

Rating: 7/10

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