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Yes, Madam (1985) – English Review

Some bad guys want a microfilm that some thieves have in their possession. And on their tails, we find two cops who are women. One of them rocks some ugly yellow socks, and she has been too much out in the sun. The other one has bought her clothes in Germany, and she should spend more time out in the sun.

Yes, Madam was the first movie in the, In the Line of Duty series. Corey Yuen directed the movie. He’s a competent action director, but he will never be one of the best action directors.

Yes, Madam is a boring movie that feels like a Lucky Star movie, and I have never been a big fan of that series since I hate Hong Kong movies with terrible humor and yelling. Cantonese is so hard on the ears. I honestly wish that every Chinese spoke mandarin. It’s so soothing for the ears compared to Cantonese. It’s really unsexy. I just had to let it out. It has always been bothering me, so now you know that!

There are few action scenes, and it’s in the last 10 minutes of the movie that Cynthia Rothrock and Michelle Yeoh wake up, especially Cynthia Rothrock. She can fight in real life, and we see a big difference between her and Michelle Yeoh, who has no martial arts experience. But Michelle Yeoh is hotter, and she has so much more charisma than Cynthia Rothrock, and she fits the tomboy role. Cynthia Rothrock is a pretty solid fighter, but her acting is terrible, and she should have never bought her clothes in Germany. They have terrible fashion sense, worse than Hong Kongers.

James Tien is a man of laughter. He laughs his evil laughter the whole time he’s in a scene. Well, almost, but man, he laughs that stupid evil laughter. I have always liked Dick Wei since he reminds me of Benny the Jet, just with another skin color. Tsui Hark, John Shumn, and Mang Hoi are so incredibly irritating. They are supposed to be the funny guys, but they suck! They are not funny or charming! Just die, fishers!

The movie focuses too much on comedy and irritating characters you hope will die. This isn’t a pure action movie since there are few action scenes in the movie. I almost couldn’t finish the movie because of the disgusting dialog and terrible humor, and I’m a man of humor! I don’t understand how this movie has gotten so many positive reviews. This isn’t a good action movie, and it isn’t a good comedy. It’s a confusing movie that tries to be a Lucky Star movie, but it fails completely. This was the second and last time I watched it. I’m done with this junk movie, and the ending is so stupid and lazy! I understood it, but it stills stinks, and it feels like someone used the last pages of the script to wipe themselves after taking a smelly dump.

Rating: 2/10

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