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Z Storm (2014) – English Review

z storm

We follow an independent organization working on corruption cases. There‘s a possibility they have to stop a trade between the government and a hedge fund. And now they are trying to find proof that this is a dirty hedge fund before they sign the deal.

Z Storm is an idiotic shit movie that has a script that you can wipe your ass with and throw it in the toilet. The characters don’t have any personality. And when the protagonist tells another person what happened to his wife, you almost have to see it for yourself. Because you will not believe what you are seeing and hearing. Don’t take the elevator when it makes noises, you learn that in this movie. But if the elevator makes some noises, and you see Louis Koo and Michael Wong standing in line, let them through!

Then we have the untalented turd of a man, Michael Wong. When you see his name is on the cast list, you just have to use your legs and run like the devil is right behind you waiting to stab you in the butt. His Cantonese sounds strange, not that I’m talking Cantonese, but I hear it anyway. The best part is when he speaks English in the middle of a conversation before he switches to Cantonese again. I couldn’t find a reason why he was doing this. The only reason I could think of is that he speaks so slow when he speaks Cantonese, so I think I understand why he switches to English. But it’s so distracting and absurd.

Z Storm is a silly movie with charmless characters and a damn messy script. The movie has few action scenes, and the action sequences look like it’s taken from a cheap TV series. It feels cheap. Cheap is also Louis Koo, it’s amazing to see how many crap movies he’s appeared in. He’s a male prostitute! Shame on you! Shame on you! You whore of a man!


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